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Company Kaori Heat Treatment Co., Ltd
Address No. 5-2, Chi-Lin North Road, Chung Li Industrial Park, Chung Li City, Taiwan 32062
Webside http://www.kaori.com.tw

Kaori was established in 1970 with specialization in heat treatment and vacuum brazing technologies. Kaori developed compact Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (BPHE) since 1992 and is one of the most well-known BPHE brands in the world. Kaori is now extending its BPHE application to fuel cell industry. In fuel cell applications, Kaori's BPHE can be used in PEMFC, MCFC, and SOFC systems, as well as fuel processor system. The BPHE are made by stainless steels (SUS 304, temperature range 800~900C. Kaori can also supply Fe/Cr/Al carry body for honeycomb monolith in 200/300/400 cpsi for fuel reformer. Kaori is expanding its business to fuel cell industry. Kaori is the strategies partner of the Bloom Energy, U.S.A., Kaori manufactures and supplies the Hotbox module for the Bloom's SOFC system. Kaori is also devoted to develop products. Kaori has established a Fuel Processor Laboratory to develop kW class fuel processor using nature gas as fuel. Our developmental efforts include fuel processor design, manufacturing, performance testing, and PEMFC system integration and testing. Our goal is produce a competitive natural gas fuel processor for the marketplace.

Type of Fuel Cell natural gas fuel processor, Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger for fuel cell, metal carry body for honeycomb monolith
Contact Dr. Ruey-Jong Shyu
Phone 886-3-452-7005ext290
Fax 886-452-5505
Email shyurj@kaori.com.tw
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