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Company Green Hydrotec,INC.
Address 19-2, Wen-Ming Rd., Kweishang, Tao Yuan, Taiwan 333
Webside http://www.grnhydrotec.com

Green Hydrotec Inc (GHT) found its core technology on the catalysis, materials and reactor design to create unique oxidation catalyst, PBN, composite palladium membrane and compact reformer of methanol or natural gas. These key components of hydrogen energy lead GHT to specialize in the production of various compact hydrogen generators for fuel cell market and hydrogen enhanced combustion for internal combustion engine (IEC) ultra high purity hydrogen purifier and the VOC combustor. The hydrogen generator generates either high purity hydrogen of 99.995% or 70% reformate with low CO content; GHT offers its hydrogen generators in module structure with basic capacity ranging from 500 L/hr to 10,000L/hr for assembly into larger capacity. For the high purity hydrogen, our hydrogen generator is composed of a catalytic heater, a steam reformer and a set of palladium membrane tubes. The catalytic heater utilizes our proprietary oxidation catalyst, PBN, for quick cold start up for flameless heating and compact configuration with extremely high thermal efficiency. The palladium membrane is made of our patented electroplating process of palladium on the commercial porous stainless steel support. For the reformate hydrogen, it is produced from the steam reforming of methanol or natural gas in an extremely light weight compact reformer heated with the PBN catalyzed flameless heating; the reformate hydrogen is in the range of 68~70% of H2 containing 2~5 ppm CO and balance amount of CO2 and N2. The hydrogen fuel is directly used in the fuel cell system to yield stable power output (1kW by 1,000L of H2). This compact hydrogen generator is now widely used by almost all of the Taiwan fuel cell system developers for the power output of 1kW to 5kW. A high efficient combustor (>93% with U>220W/M2-hr) is developed for the abatement of VOC such as spent hydrogen stream from FC. The unit, 120mmDx220mmWx240mmH, utilizes our PBN oxidation catalyst to burn off the spent hydrogen from a 3KW fuel cell system to recover waste heat of 7,500Kcal/hr (30,000BTU/hr) as hot water (80oC) or steam (150 oC) from a fuel cell spent gas. This unit is being scaled up for the VOC treatment in a petroleum resins plant in Taiwan. A unique onboard hydrogen generator with the waste heat of tail pipe is made to provide reformate hydrogen for the hydrogen enhanced combustion of internal combustion engine, gasoline or diesel fuel for fuel saving and lower pollution. This hydrogen generator produces up to 1,000Lhr hydrogen for ICE without additional energy supply for heating. GHT also fabricates a 20CMH hydrogen purifier with its electroplated palladium membrane tubes to upgrade 99.99% hydrogen to 99.999995% UHP grade hydrogen for a local specialty gas company to supply to semiconductor industry.

Type of Fuel Cell 1-5M3/hr Hydrogen generator module for up to 50CMH hydrogen supply, Pd membrane.
Contact Dr. Y.L. Kao
Phone 886-3-397-2720
Fax 886-3-3973441
Email kao0903@grnhydrotec.com
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