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About the TFCP

Taiwan Fuel Cell Partnership (TFCP) is formed on the 6th July, 2001. The Partnership continues the mission of the Executive Yuan’s Fuel Cell Research and Development Society, to promote and develop the Taiwan’s fuel cell industry. In July, 2001 the Partnership was officially established with the support of the Executive Yuan (EY) Environmental Protection Administration and the Ministry of Economics Affairs (MOEA) Bureau of Energy. The Partnership combines the industry, the government, the academics and research societies to help promote and develop both the fuel cell technology and industry in Taiwan.

1. To develop the knowledge and application of fuel cell amongst the society.
2. To promote fuel cell research and development, as well as business opportunities in Taiwan.
3. To establish a good foundation and environment for the development of fuel cell technology in Taiwan.
4. To promote the diversification of fuel cell technology and industry as well as the development of efficient work
  process in the business.
5. Continue to promote the importance of fuel cell technology and industry within all industries in Taiwan.

Taiwan Fuel Cell Partnership (TFCP) has appointed a “Leading Party” as the head of the hierarchy. The organization then consists of the “Secretariat” and “Staff Unit”, and to administer projects and missions “Policies Administration Unit”. “Leading Party” mainly consists of governmental departments. Members are gathered by the MOEA-Bureau of Energy and Taiwan Institute of Economic Research. The “Secretariat” is to develop and organized relevant parties to achieve the objectives of TFCP.

Staff Units Member parties Objectives
Main Secondary
Fuel Unit Chinese Petroleum Corporation BOC LienHwa Industrial Gases Co., Ltd Supply of fuel cell energy, development of logistics and policies
Fuel Cell Unit Institute of Nuclear Energy Research Tatung Company Research & development of fuel cell. Exhibition and promotion of applications.
Generator Unit Taiwan Power Company Chung-Shan Institute of Science and Technology – Materials & Electro-Optics Research Division Research & development of generators. Marketing and promotion.
3C Application Unit ITRI– Materials Resources Laboratories H Bank Technology Inc. Research & development of 3C Applications. Marketing and promotion.
Motor Vehicles Unit ITRI–Mechanical Industry Research Laboratories Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies, Ltd. Research & development of motor vehicle fuel cell products. Marketing and promotion. Development of policies and standards.
Regulations and Testing Unit ITRI–Energy & Resources Laboratories Automotive Research & Testing Center Setting of regulations and standards for fuel cell products (fuel cell motors, 3C products etc). Testing of fuel cell products.
Industry Promotion Unit Taiwan Institute of Economic Research Tatung Company Analysis of fuel cell market (fuel cell motors, 3C products etc). Development of marketing for fuel cell industry.
Academic Unit Mingdao University Taiwan Institute of Economic Research Research of fuel cell theory and techniques. Marketing of the research.
Policies Administration Unit (Duties assigning) Taiwan Institute of Economic Research Gathering of all units opinions to advice the government on fuel cell developmental strategies.

Joining Procedures
Taiwan Fuel Cell Partnership members consist mainly of legal entities. Any governmental approved entities, academic and research societies, government departments or any parties with same objective as TFCP are welcomed to join as members. By completing the “application form”, and paying the joining fees (honored members and invited members not subject to joining fees), the entity can elect to have representatives to represent their rights. There are two kinds of members – Main Members and Secondary Members.

Joining Fees (Including Main Members and Secondary Members)

Main Members joining fees – NT$100,000 (valid from the 1st January to 31st December of the joining year). Secondary Members joining fees – NT$30,000 (valid from the 1st January to 31st December of the joining year). The above fees are payable upon application. Receipts will be issued by the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research. Members are able to pay in advance for membership over one year. Financial year starts from 1st January to 31st December each year.

Rights and Duties
Main and Secondary Members Fees and Rights

Rights Members fees Main Members
Secondary Members
NT$100,000pa NT$30,000pa
1.Priority in joining TFCP discussions, conferences activities.
2.Access in TFCI website members’ information.
3. Free access to TFCP fuel cell information news.
4. Free access to TFCP development news via email.
5. Collect relevant business information through TFCP
6. Research and development enquiries through TFCP
7. Engage TFCP regarding marketing services
Rights of Staff Units
1. Participate in Leading Party’s meetings.
2. Invite other staff units to meetings.
3. Participate in TFCP’s quarterly agenda.
Engage TFCP to apply relevant fuel cell technology development programs. Guiding services Enquiry services
Participate in TFCP domestic or international fee paying conferences, exhibitions and product discussions and forums. Free marketing services Subject to number of placements (additional charges will be applied)

Achievements and Future Goals
Under the support of relevant government departments and industries, Taiwan Fuel Cell Partnership has established a “Taiwan Fuel Cell Information Website” (http://www.tfci.org.tw), sending relevant reports via email, organizing many fuel cell discussions and conferences to promote industrial research and development exchange. TFCP also invites many experts and academics to discuss and give advice to the government in relation to the future policies and directions of Taiwan fuel cell industry. TFCP has recently started to focus on the education of fuel cell knowledge to primary and secondary schools, in hopes of broadening the knowledge to the society in the future. Besides developing and promoting the fuel cell industry, TFCP hopes to enter the international market and encourage world exchanges, thereby bringing a new life to the fuel cell industry in Taiwan.

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