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Air Products San Fu Co., Ltd. H2 Refueling station, Refueling device for canister, Liquid and Gaseous O2,N2,Ar,H2,He,CO2, Standard Gases,. Environmental Gases, Electronics Gases, Welding Gases, Mixing Gases and Relatived Equipment and Service
Asia Pacific Fuel Cell Technologies, LTD. (APFCT) (1)PEM Fuel Cell Stack (100W~12kW) (2)Single Cell Testing Fixture (3)PEM Fuel Cell System (4)Metal Hydride Hydrogen Storage Canister (5)Fuel Cell Educational & Research Test Stations
Automotive Research and Testing Center R&D, testing and certification on vehicles
BOC Lienhwa Industrial Gases Co., Ltd. (BOCLH) Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon, Acetylene, Hydrogen, CO2, N2O, Electronic Gases
Boyam Power System Co., Ltd. PEMFC Stack, Power system, AB5 Metal hydride canister
CeTech Co., Ltd. Gas Diffusion Layer (Carbon cloth and carbon paper) suitable for PEMFC and DMFC
China Steel Corporation
Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery Mfg. Corp. 1.Methanol type fuel cell system 2.LPG/ natural gas type fuel cell system 3.Components of proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) 4.Combined Heat & Power system 5.Combined Cooling & Power system 6.Solar air conditioning system 7.Hydrogen storage technology
Din Hsu Co., Small Fuel Cell system.
DuPont Fuel Cells MEA, Nafion® Membrane & Solution
Eco-Energy Technology Co., Ltd. fuel cell kits, toy vehicles, etc.
Energy and Environment Research Laboratories Industrial Technology Research Institute PEMFC
Gallant Precision Machining Co., Ltd Intelligent Factory and Consultant Flat Panel Display Processing Equipment Semiconductor Processing & Detecting Equipment Solar Sell Production Equipment Development & Construct Contact Lens Production Equipment & Construct AOI Equipment Intelligent Automation System and ROBOT Laser Application Equipment Wet Process/Chemical Technology Equipment
GOC (General Optics Corporation) MEA, Hydrogen Generator, Integrated Regenerative Fuel Cell System
Green Hydrotec,INC. 1-5M3/hr Hydrogen generator module for up to 50CMH hydrogen supply, Pd membrane.
H Bank Technology Inc. Hydrogen Storage in Metal Hydride
Hephas Energy Co. 1. fuel cell test equipment(MEA, short stack, large stack. 100W~10kW range, PEMFC/HTPEMFC/DMFC/SOFC) 2. fuel cell production line QA/QC equipment, stack activation equipment 3. fuel cell BOP(bipolar plates, blowers, reformers) 4. customized fuel cell durability/reliability testing equipment 5. fuel cell education module
Industrial Technology Research Institute / Green Energy and Environment Research Laboratories PEMFC
Industrial Technology Research Institute / Material and Chemical Laboratories (ITRI/MCL) 0.5W~25W for portable devices 300W for mobile charger DMFC
Institute of Nuclear Energy Research (INER) Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC)
Kaori Heat Treatment Co., Ltd natural gas fuel processor, Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger for fuel cell, metal carry body for honeycomb monolith
King David Energies Corp PEM
M-FIELD Energy Ltd. MF-UTH series Fuel Cell UPS/ Back-up Power Systems MF-LPH series Fuel Cell Power Module
MINGDAO UNIVERSITY PVD Coating Technology, Facilities and Sustainable Energy Technology
New Energy Association Of Taiwan(NEAT)
Precision International Corp. 1.Electrochemical Instrumentation 2.AC Impedance Instrumentation 3.Electrochemistry Accessories 4.Fuel Cell power generation evaluation 5.High speed heating and cooling furnace 6.Vacuum furance
Simplo Technology Co.,Ltd Notebook、PDA、Tablet PC’s Battery Pack
Taiwan Electric Research & Testing Center 1. Research Service 2. Testing and Inspection Services 3. Certification Services
Taiwan Institute of Economic Research Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Market Report
Taiwan Power Company PEM, PAFC, SOFC
Toplus Energy Co., LTD. PEMFC
Unelectra International Corp. Bipolar Plates for PEMFC, Cast Resin Transformers, Cast Resin Busways
Yangtze Energy Technologies, Inc. membrane electrode assembly (MEA)
Young Green Energy Co. 1.DMFC & PEMFC portable and movable charger 2.Thermal/acoustic solutions for IT (projector, N/B, PDP,LCD TV) 3.LED package/LED backlight thermal solutions
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