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Headline Chung-Hsin Fuel Cell Power Back-up System
Date 2010/11/16

Chung-Hsin Electric & Machinery Mfg. Corp. (CHEM), a major leader on electric products in Taiwan, showed off its fuel cell technology in 2010 Taiwan International Green Energy Industry Show (TiGiS).  The New Energy Research & Development Center of CHEM debut its achievement in fuel cell technology in April.
In one of funded projects, they combined power generation using fuel cell, solar, wind energy and applied micro regulation technology to build a “Hybrid Energy House”. Maximum power output is 16 kW, sufficient to supply 16 LED street lights and R&D center lighting demand for whole day long. CHEM’s fuel cell systems from 2 kW, 5 kW to 10 kW and two 10 kW stacks parallel module are all silent, zero emission and efficient, offering back-up power solution with option of eco friend .and high efficiency.
CHEM manager Gw-Jen Hwang said, “the most successful application of fuel cell system is used as back-up power for remote telecommunication station. Traditional back-up power system can’t meet the demand in either capacity or usable period when there is power outage due to disaster. The cost is high. Application of fuel cell system can solve the problem and significantly reduce the lost”.
Hydrogen for fuel cell can be produced from hydrocarbon chemicals such as natural gas, methanol, alcohol, methane and also by hydrolysis. Hydrogen and oxygen react inside fuel cell and generate electricity and water. It’s zero emission and avoid time consuming charge for traditional battery. While wind power is limited to certain locations and solar power is also affected by weather condition, fuel cell system is independent of location and become industry best choice for back-up power. It’s also true for the non interruption power for television and telecommunication station, emergency communication system of fire department, or military radar station”.


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