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Headline Green Hydrotec’s the world smallest and lightest hydrogen generator
Date 2010/12/1

Hydrogen gas supplied by storage tank is expensive, one kWh equivalent hydrogen gas costs about NT $40-80, and half of the total cost comes from storage and delivery. Supply by tanks or tube trailers are bulky, inconvenient and also have some safety issues. Green Hydrotec Company debut the first mini hydrogen generator in 2005, a high efficient easy operation, quick start up and small volume product (9 L/5 kW), targeted for small to medium scale on site hydrogen generation and core technology and significantly lower the delivery and storage cost.
At present, Green Hydrotec has developed a world smallest hydrogen generator, using catalyst purification and high thermal transfer technologies, it can generate 2,000-10,000 liter neat hydrogen per hour, the carbon mono oxide is only 2-6 ppm and can feed into fuel cell stack directly. 30 more units has already sold in early half of 2010, mostly delivered to domestic fuel cell system companies.
Green Hydrotec’s portable hydrogen generators have been integrated both with Toplus Energy’s and Delta Electronics’ fuel cell stacks into fuel cell power systems in BOE’s demonstration test and currently under long term on line stability and durability test.
According the information collected by Green Hydrotec, owing to the breakthrough of performance, volume and price of hydrogen generators, hydrogen fuel cost after mass production of 5 kW fuel cell system will be only NT $12 and 1 kWh electric power will be about NT $13 (system investment NT $600,000 which is lower than solar power generation cost (NT $13.7) and also not affected by weather offering reliable power.
Green Hydrotec’s hydrogen genitor offer significantly lower cost hydrogen fuel and make fuel cell power system more competitive.


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