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Headline Toplus Energy distributed back-up power system
Date 2010/12/1

Toplus Energy Corporation provides distributed back-up power solution which incorporate fuel cell power system and diesel generator, fuel cell is used as first line source of back-up power, it is compact, silent, zero emission and good for long term generation. Toplus is the first company in Taiwan manufacture bipolar plate- core component of fuel cell in mass volume and already used in fuel cell stack products. Toplus also developed fuel cell power through proprietary system integration technology. These core technologies ensure stability of system operation and safety protection as well as product upgradability and maintenance service.
Toplus debuts 5 kW fuel cell power system this year. The Fire Department of Hsinchu city has adopted the fuel cell system as no interruption power system and Chunghua Telecom has also installed one in Mamei telecommunication station, Jiashih, Hsinchu (elevation 1,450 m) as back-up power system late of this year. They become good examples of demonstration.
“Hydrogen fuel cell power is compact, silent, zero emission and good for long term operation, is suitable for distributed back-up power,” Yi-Yi Yen, general manager of Toplus, “Takes a hospital as an example, by adding several fuel cell power systems on surgery, ICU, communication center, data center, … etc. without changing the existing diesel generator, fuel cell power systems are used as front line back-up power and diesel generator as the second line back-up. Even one of the generators fails it won’t affect back-up power supply, and this is the unique advantage of distributed back-up power system.” Yen added, “small units suitable for distributed power supply while larger units are good to replace diesel generators. For those who have already installed diesel generator, it will be a good idea to upgrade the back-up power system by replacing lead acid batteries in the existing no interruption power system.”


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