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Headline AcBel Polytech develop fuel cell
Date 2010/12/24

Taiwan-based power supply unit (PSU) maker AcBel Polytech Inc. expands business territory into green energy, including LED street light and portable power. LED street light is integrated with remote monitoring and control functions and portable fuel cell generator developed together with NASA are all ready for taking order. LED street light products aim for China and Taiwan government procurement opportunity and second generation portable fuel cell generator has also completed develop, revenue from these two products expects strong growth and will increase 50-100% next year.
AcBel Polytech is going to donate 500 intelligent street light to the permanent relief village on the open ceremony held tomorrow, the village on Majia, Pingtung which was built to relocate residence from distressed area caused by typhoon.
AcBel Polytech has been developing LED street light for quite a long time. The company is the first one integrated remote monitoring and control with LED street light, they also solved water proof and heat dispensing issues. AcBel Polytech is capable to manufacture every component and build the whole LED street light, and also already secured five city demonstration projects in China. Since both China and Taiwan government are promoting energy conservation, it is expected that AcBel Polytech is going to have significant revenue growth in the future.
AcBel Polytech also cooperated with NASA to develop portable fuel cell power. The first generation products were further improved in design after delivery to customers. Second generation product will be delivered for orders from Google, eBay, Facebook, Fedex. Mass production will be begin and .then delivery to customers next year. It is also expected that the revenue comes from these products will increase more than 50%.


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